Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cascade Storms Book 1

Cascade Storms Book 1

Meet Daelan-- the youngest Alpha the oldest wolf-shifter pack on the Pacific coast has ever had.

When he realizes the woman he's been watching is the mate he's been waiting for he ought to be thrilled. Instead, he finds himself fighting the need to claim her and make her his Alpha female.

In a pack with elders that have lived over 10 centuries, not a single wolf can remember a member ever having a human mate. But plenty of the pack's elders do remember being hunted and persecuted by humans.

Daelan knows bringing his mate back to the den is dangerous and his Alpha status is the only thing standing between her and the blood-thirsty traitors that want to see his sweet Haley dead.

Outnumbered and betrayed by his closest friends, Daelan must accept the mutiny of his own Beta while he finds a way to hunt the wolves that are hunting his mate in the stormy winter of the Cascade mountain range.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Introducing Cascade Storms

Hi everybody! So there I was, working on a light-hearted, cutesy little bear shifter series for the summer when the world slid out from under me and suddenly, cute beach bears didn't appeal to me anymore.

I worked hard for a couple of months staring at my computer monitor, trying to finish the next book in that series. It just wasn't happening. I started to think I might have to give up on writing altogether-- there were still plenty of words in my head, I'd just forgotten how to string them into stories.

I finally had to step away and regroup. In the process, I had to come to grips with the fact that the bears were going to have to wait.

I needed to write something completely different.

So welcome to the Cascade Mountain range-- somewhere in the vicinity of the North Cascades National Park along the international border of the USA and Canada.

Somewhere up there, there's a wolf-shifter pack that's been keeping to themselves for way too long.

They've got a young Alpha who's trying to bring them up to date but it's a slow process for Daelan and his personal team.

Discovering that the curvy lady he's been eyeing as a winter playmate turns out to be his mate throws the pack into turmoil. The elders are not about to allow a human into the pack, even if she is their own Alpha's fated mate.

Haley and Daelan are in for the fight of their lives. Their mating sets in motion a chain of events that catapults the pack into a series of challenges and adventures that will ultimately test the bonds of family, friendship, and the strength of the pack itself.

I'm way behind on updating the blog here, so you'll be thrilled to know that I am just about to publish book 3 of this series already!

I'm getting great feedback so far and you'll also be thrilled to hear that this series is made up of REAL NOVELS! --OK, they're short novels, but they're novels!

Full length, complete stories, complete big fat happily ever afters at the end of each book!

Cascade Storms takes place in the same "world" as the Sierra Moon books. I already have each book in the series planned out including the first book in the next series! I can't decide which wolf I'm more excited to see mated! I love this pack!

Get started with book one!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Cover reveal time!
I'm so excited to announce my NEW book! In my NEW SERIES!

A FULL LENGTH, stand alone set in the same "world" as the Sierra Moon books! (and hey, how cool is that "USA Today bestselling author" tag, eh?)

New mountains, new pack, new mates!

Introducing Cascade Storms-- follow my Amazon Author page, like me on Facebook, or sign up for my Mailing List! Even better-- do all three!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When Your Alpha Mate Leaves You

My other half was every bit the classic paranormal romance alpha hero. Stubborn, bossy, sexy as hell. Fiercely dedicated and eyes only for me.

We had a sordid history that spanned 21 years-- just a hair over half his life. Our love story included all the classic romance novel tropes: friends to lovers, second chances, fated mates. He made writing romance easy, because I was living the fairytale.

He passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly in his sleep a few weeks ago. 

As you can imagine, my life has been turned upside-down. We had chosen not to get get legally married-- he'd been married twice. I often told him he was obviously very bad at it and that there was no sense fixing what wasn't broken. 
Unfortunately, he also never bothered to get that life insurance policy that he'd finally agreed to after a decade of nagging (Did I mention he was stubborn?) and we didn't share money (and never fought about it) so naturally, my name is not on any of his property. Like our home.

His family has been wonderful and I have no reason to fear that I (and the pups-- the rest of our pack) will be facing the loss of our lifestyle as well as the loss of our alpha. But supportive friends and family do little to quiet the anxiety

The next year will be a stressful one as the dogs and I claw our way out of the grief and work to find a new normal.

I've fallen behind on my release schedule: It's difficult to write happy endings when my own glass slipper just shattered.

Fortunately! I'm a pretty independent lady. I am surrounded by wonderful people who give me strength daily. I'm going to be OK. I'm going to keep writing-- because I love it, because the little extra income helps, because he was proud of me.

I am currently working on a short novella that will be included in the upcoming Halloween bundle: Shifters in the Shadows. By the same group of authors I worked with on Shifters in the Snow and our USA Today Bestselling Shifters in the Spring.

He was the one who came up with the premise of the story. Working on it since his passing has been healing as well as heartbreaking. And ominous. It is, after all, a Halloween story!

A lot of people ask me how they can books. 




Monday, May 30, 2016


Thank you to everyone who helped make the Shifters in the Spring multi-author bundle SO DANG SUCCESSFUL!

We went all the way to number 18 on the USA Today Bestseller list!

There was much rejoicing and screaming from rooftops that day!

We are having so much fun with these bundles that we have decided to make them a regular project.

So if you love giant anthologies filled with lots of steamy stories about sexy shifters-- head on over to our new Facebook page: Shifters Ever After Facebook Page and give us a "Like," sign up for the new dedicated mailing list, and generally hang out. Let us know who you are, tell us what you're reading now, who your favorite paranormal romance authors are, what you'd like to see more of in the genre!

Thank you! From all the Shifters Ever After authors!

USA Today Bestseller-- #18!!

OSO Excited for a NEW SERIES!

I'm excited to be working with Eva Wilder again on a whole new series.

Short, Steamy, and Heavy on the Happily Ever Afters-- the Boys of Beartooth Bay is a 5 book series about a family of bear shifter living in a mostly fictitious town along California's central coast.

It's not all filled with clan wars and drama-- it's just a collection of novellas following each boy on his way to happily ever after with his true mate.

Most importantly-- I get to work with Eva again.

Second most importantly? I found an excuse to use the AWESOME Spanish word for "Bear" (Oso) in adorable bear shifter title puns!

 OSO Stubborn is book 1 in the series. Look for Book 2, OSO Ready coming soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shifters in the SPRING!

Pre-Order your copy of the new multi-author bundle Shifters in the Spring NOW!

This baby contains 16 ALL NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED, NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE stories by 16 of today's super awesome-est paranormal romance authors! (Seriously, CHECK OUT the talent in this bundle! I can't believe I'm keeping such great company these days!)

Spring is in the air and these sexy shifters are on the prowl in this exclusive new collection of 16 BRAND NEW ‪paranormal romances. We have passionate tiger shifters, possessive bears, leopard shifters, wolves, and dragons. Secret pregnancies & babies add to the fun! Make spring the season of the shifter.
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