Monday, May 30, 2016


Thank you to everyone who helped make the Shifters in the Spring multi-author bundle SO DANG SUCCESSFUL!

We went all the way to number 18 on the USA Today Bestseller list!

There was much rejoicing and screaming from rooftops that day!

We are having so much fun with these bundles that we have decided to make them a regular project.

So if you love giant anthologies filled with lots of steamy stories about sexy shifters-- head on over to our new Facebook page: Shifters Ever After Facebook Page and give us a "Like," sign up for the new dedicated mailing list, and generally hang out. Let us know who you are, tell us what you're reading now, who your favorite paranormal romance authors are, what you'd like to see more of in the genre!

Thank you! From all the Shifters Ever After authors!

USA Today Bestseller-- #18!!

OSO Excited for a NEW SERIES!

I'm excited to be working with Eva Wilder again on a whole new series.

Short, Steamy, and Heavy on the Happily Ever Afters-- the Boys of Beartooth Bay is a 5 book series about a family of bear shifter living in a mostly fictitious town along California's central coast.

It's not all filled with clan wars and drama-- it's just a collection of novellas following each boy on his way to happily ever after with his true mate.

Most importantly-- I get to work with Eva again.

Second most importantly? I found an excuse to use the AWESOME Spanish word for "Bear" (Oso) in adorable bear shifter title puns!

 OSO Stubborn is book 1 in the series. Look for Book 2, OSO Ready coming soon!