Monday, May 30, 2016

OSO Excited for a NEW SERIES!

I'm excited to be working with Eva Wilder again on a whole new series.

Short, Steamy, and Heavy on the Happily Ever Afters-- the Boys of Beartooth Bay is a 5 book series about a family of bear shifter living in a mostly fictitious town along California's central coast.

It's not all filled with clan wars and drama-- it's just a collection of novellas following each boy on his way to happily ever after with his true mate.

Most importantly-- I get to work with Eva again.

Second most importantly? I found an excuse to use the AWESOME Spanish word for "Bear" (Oso) in adorable bear shifter title puns!

 OSO Stubborn is book 1 in the series. Look for Book 2, OSO Ready coming soon!

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