Friday, November 6, 2015

Available for Pre Order NOW

Shifters in the Snow features FIFTEEN ALL NEW STORIES -- most of which are EXCLUSIVE to the bundle!

And I'm IN IT!

OOOOOOH! I am so excited.

Order your copy now!

Shifters in the Snow is a collection of stories from 15 great paranormal romance indie authors.

How the Bear Stole Christmas is my contribution to the anthology and it will NOT be available anywhere else!

For only 99 CENTS-- how can you go wrong?


  1. Have reviewed and posted several of your books. You are one of my favorite authors.
    Looking forward to recieving more to review,
    Also, where Can I friend you at?

  2. You can LIKE my Facebook page: ClaireRyannAuthor and follow me on Twitter (But I admit to being terribly Twitter-challenged.)

    Unfortunately, Amazon has made it clear that they consider "friends" on Facebook profiles to be personal relationships. As such, they often disallow any reviews that FB "friends" might leave on an author's books.

    Even more terrifying-- Amazon has been known to BAN author accounts in some cases where several of their reviews come from FB "Friends" because they (Amazon) consider this to be "manipulating reviews."

    So I-- and many other authors-- have become extremely cautious about accepting friend requests!

    But don't worry! I try to post to my PAGE more often anyway and you can always "follow" my personal profile.