Monday, May 25, 2015

WTF is up With the Blogger Site, Claire? Aren't you a SERIOUS Writer?!

Well. Sorta.

 So Blogger isn't taken so seriously by a lot of folks I've been rubbin' elbows with lately. It's free. It's
easy. It's owned by Google. There's constant threat looming over the bloggers of Blogger that Blogger will stop allowing adult content....

Somehow, having one's professional website reside on Blogger relegates one to a hack.

Meh. [shrug]

It's free. It's easy. It's attainable and accessible. I might not (probably won't) keep my site here long term, but it was a good place to get started.  

If you're going to decide not to read anything I write because of the web address, then it probably wasn't meant to be between us anyway.

"But, Claire! Don't your books have steamy smexy scenes in them? This site doesn't have an "adult" warning!"

Well. No. It doesn't. Thanks for noticing.

The point of having a website/blog is to have a place to hawk my books. I want a place where I can show off cover concepts; post teasers, trailers, blurbs, and excerpts; and link to my published work.

I don't need an adult warning for that. The site is destined to be pretty PG-13. If you want R or even a little NC-17, read the books. They're all pretty much contemporary romance and paranormal romance (ghost stories as well as sexy shape shifters) and pretty much all of them have at least one reasonably graphic love scene thrown in.

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