Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You Keep Talking About BOOKS, Claire-- Where are They?!

Well, you can certainly look me up on Amazon at this point.

If you do that right now (as of May 26, 2015) you'll see a small collection of shifter stories that are done in collaboration with Eva Wilder.

I currently have 15 titles published. But NOT as "Claire Ryann." Most of my cutting-my-teeth work has been done in collaboration with other authors and I'm either credited under a different pen name, or not at all.

It took a few months to figure out how the self publishing thing works, and just when I was getting ready to start building my own catalog of titles as Claire-- I met Eva.

Eva offered to collaborate with me (and a few other authors, as you can see) on a paranormal romance project. When we started talking about it, it was kinda just for fun-- the challenge was "anything goes, as long as it's billionaire alpha males."

So I chose foxes.


Because if you know anything about foxes, you know that they are seriously THE most over the top Alpha-est alphas out there!

Vulpes Vulpes (Red foxes, as an example) are seriously territorial and competitive. If they were humans, they would make PERFECT alpha male characters for shifter romances.

The problem is, most people don't really think of foxes as sexy-- despite the term "Foxy" to describe someone attractive. Foxes are more like cute little dogs than super sexy predators.

I think we like wolves and bears and tigers for our shifter stories because we are drawn to animals that could eat us if we encountered them in the wild. Something about being drawn to dangerous men only to find that they are gentle and loving.

Total Beauty and the Beast thing goin' on.


Well.... I'm thrilled that the reviews are mostly positive regarding the quality of my writing, at least. Even if not everyone is lovin the foxes.

Don't worry, Eva and I have been talking and my future titles will be moving to some sexy big cats. Stay tuned in to Eva to for that.

Meanwhile-- don't think that's all Claire (me!) has in store for her catalog. I'm working on a good old fashioned were wolf book right now that I have high hopes for. With plans to follow that with BEARS, more WOLVES, and COUGARS-- big sexy man-cub type cougars, not horny women over 40.

As soon as my prior commitments to other authors has ended, I also have several contemporary romances waiting to get finished.

Yeah-- most of what I write will be BBW (big beautiful woman) or at least feature "real" women. (No, my Outfoxing heroine didn't fit that description, did she?)

So there ya have it... the books exist and soon there will be more. Keep checking!

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