Thursday, June 18, 2015

YES! It IS a Series!

BTW: Have you been watching the reviews coming in for Quest of the Alpha

I am SO excited that people are loving it!

I realize I didn't really specify it on the cover, but yes, SIERRA MOON is my new series of shifter romance stories!

Bears are SO HOT right now (because they're HAWT, right?) and Sierra Moon is destined to have plenty of them, but I decided to start with traditional wolves.

I'm still working out cover designs for the series long term. Fellow writer and cover-designer extraordinaire Jacqueline Sweet helped put some new eyes on the project and came up with some suggestions-- what do YOU think?

I'm having hard time deciding-- but I'll definitely be adding the Sierra Moon Book to them all!


  1. Hey Claire! I had the pleasure of reading your book through Romance ARCade and WOW! I am soooo glad I did! I LOVED IT!!! And Thanks for saying it is a series here, because I was worried that I was missing some pages! :) As for the covers - I totally prefer the first one, without the man's face. I much rather having that left up to my imagination! Besides, that chest is just so much more drool-worthy! *naughty grin & a "wink wink"*

    Cheers! HUGS

    1. Thanks, Cherri! I'm with ya! You can definitely look forward to several more books from this series AND more covers like the first one-- with MUCH drool-worthy man chest ;-)