Monday, July 27, 2015

More Sierra Moon

Did I REALLY not make a big deal out of the new release?!

Sierra Moon Book Two: Return of the Pack came out what? like TWO WEEKS ago?


Return of the Pack is part 2 in the continuing story of Lane (Hunky pack Alpha) and Tara. It follows our alpha couple on their progress toward their future with Tara meeting the rest of the pack members and finding out more about what life will be like with them.

Now-- I get some feedback and hear a lot of questions about where this is all going.

I can't tell you that!

For starters-- that's why it's a series. So there will be more stories, more characters, more conflicts, more discoveries...and, of course, more sexiness.

For another thing-- it turns out I might not know myself.

It seems I am discovering that I am one of those writers who feels it's merely my job to transcribe my characters' stories. I do very little manipulating of those stories.

For instance... I had NO IDEA that Lane was going to get in that fight! I was actually pretty broken up about it and had to walk away from my writing for a minute because I was pretty worried.

Yeah. I realize that makes me sound a wee bit melodramatic. [shrug] What can I say? 

As for Kitty.... yes, you've guessed it. He'll be back. He's got a story to tell too.

If you're enjoying the Sierra Moon books so far, let me know. Join the mailing list. Follow me on Amazon or Goodreads (I'm still getting the hang of GR) or any of the other social media outlets that I'm trying to juggle between bouts of furious typing. And by all means-- share the books with your friends and friends of friends.

It's the best way to ensure more stories. :-)


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