Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Release! American Tigers

Siberian Soul Part 2

If you're following Evan and Kerri's story in the Siberian Soul serial from Claire Ryann(that's me) and Eva Wilder, here's the juicy new second book!

I'm pretty tickled with how this story is turning out. Part 2 has some action and some suspense and some drama.

I can't wait to finish it up in part 3-- but you know I'm on an every other book schedule between my solo series Sierra Moon and my collaborative projects with Eva.

Siberian Soul is currently planned on being the only serialized story in the American Tigers series. So you can look forward to future titles without those pesky cliffhangers...

Unless it just works better that way. (evil grin)


  1. I love this series and was just wondering about the next book date? Thanks.

    1. Oh dear! I'm terrible about checking for new comments! I hope you've been keeping track-- Siberian Soul 3 was released on October 26.