Monday, September 28, 2015

NEW RELEASE! Lion in Wait: Sierra Moon Book Four

So what's the story with that mountain lion, anyway?

Well, the cougar from the first Sierra Moon books is finally telling his own story in this new release.

Lion in Wait is a complete story with NO cliff hanger ending! It can be read by itself but, of course, it'll make so much more sense if you're up to date with the first three books in the series.


And, like all the titles in the Sierra Moon Shifters series, Lion in Wait can be read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers! 

Book Description:

The injustice of the whole miserable circumstance hit him. The last thing he would ever want for Becka would be to pass this curse on to her.

Travis was looking forward to meeting that special someone. Settling down, raising a family, and living happily ever after. Some day.

A short fling before starting out on a late season hike leaves him with a nasty bite scar and some pretty vivid dreams. By the time he comes to terms with the fact that he's not dreaming, he's already made enemies of the only other shifters he knows about-- a pack of wolves secretly living in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

When he meets a friendly bear shifter who fills in some of the blanks on what's happening to him, Travis resigns himself to a life alone: Mountain Lions are notorious for their one night stand behavior and he's determined not to pass along his shifter curse.

Naturally this would be when he finds the one woman he sees himself spending his life with, a forest ranger exiled to a tiny cabin for a winter job of recording snow pack for the season.

He can't stay with her, can't give in to the new instincts within him that scream to Turn her and take her as his mate. Can't risk doing that to her knowing that the cougar roaring within him is bound by a nature that will only force him to move on once he's spread his seed. Leaving her to deal with this burden alone...

Like he'd been left to do.

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